This page is the "meat" of my website... the stories & photos I've collected from various treks into some of the world's greatest wet places on earth. Click on any of the reports linked below to see trip reports and photos of each of my major treks.

I take frequent smaller treks (weekends and such), although I usually don't write detailed reports about them. But if you're intersted anyway, peruse my Webshots Albums to view photos of most my treks (big and small) during the past several years. In the meantime, peruse at your leisure, and Happy Hiking!

Baranof 2011

   Baranof Island, 2011
    A weeklong stint kayaking to & from Kruzof Island, followed by 18 days solo crossing Baranof Island from Sitka to Port Alexander.

Baranof Island Solo Expedition, 2010   
18 days on a "first attempt" at a solo traversal the entire length of Baranof Island near Sitka, Alaska.   

Rainbow Over North Baranof

Journey of the Spirit Bear

   Journey of the Spirit Bear, 2009
    Several weeks crossing Princess Royal Island in the Great Bear Rainforest of NW British Columbia by foot and packraft, looking for rare white "Sprit Bears" of the rainforest. Photos on Webshots.

Service Falls Expedition, 2008   
10 days with climbing and packrafting gear, reaching Service Falls in the upper Queets Canyon.   

Climbing a Tree to Service Falls

Last Light on the Hubbard Glacier

   Russell Fjord Wilderness, Alaska, 2007
    16 Days Solo (~125 miles), traversing Russell Fjord to the Hubbard Glacier, floating the Situk River from source to sea, and walking the Gulf of Alaska to Yakutat.

Chugach Range, Alaska, 2006   
17 Days Solo, SE Alaska's Chugach Range (outside Cordova, AK).    

Mt Sheridan, in Fog

Crossing the Queets Canyon

   Queets Canyon, 2005
    8 Days Solo, Olympic NP, Traversing up the Queets Rainforest Valley in Search of Service Falls.

Olympic High Traverse, 2005   
10 Days traversing Olympic NP (N-S) via high-alpine routes (Catwalk Basin, Bailey Range, Skyline Trail).    

3,000 feet above the valley.

Snow Bridges

   Olympic Solo Trip Report, 2004
    31 Days Solo, Olympic NP, including 16-day off-trail transect of the Queets Valley & Bailey Range.

Wonderland Trail Solo, Mount Rainier NP, 2002   

Summerland Snowfields

Future Treks:    Expeditions for the next 1-3 years.

Misty Fjords National Monument & Wilderness, Alaska
- An extensive overland journey (2-3 weeks) through the dense rainforsts of this coastal archipelago. Boats & floatplanes occasionally tour the area, but due to its extreme remoteness and complete lack of trails, backpackers rarely venture on the ground here, and even then almost never travel far. Routes are just now being sketched out, but it looks like an amazing potential journey.

Greenland's SW Coast, Kangerlussuaq to Nuuk
- Admittedly, this one has nothing to do with rain forests. Greenland has always inspired an intense fascination to me, and I've sketched a 400 mile route tracing down the arctic fjords and mountains of its Southwest coast. Lots of planning still to do for this one (roughly 30-40 days, all said), but all in due time.

...and as always, many more in the works. Rarely do I ever stop dreaming of places to go.  


Disclaimer: My trip reports are not meant to be a "How-To" guide. Please, under any circumstances, don't try most the crap I've done. Read my reports, chuckle at my musings if you like, but whatever you do, don't think to yourself "hey, that sounds like a great idea!" Seriously, if I've done it, it's probably not. I accept no responsibility if you get yourself into the kind of trouble that I've found myself in over the years. Be careful out there, use your head, and above all else, come home safely.