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for Prince Rupert, BC.
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Using a SPOT Messenger, the Spirit Bear Team tracked their progress through the undergrowth and ridgelines of Princess Royal Island. Due to terrain difficulties and injury, the team varied their route from the Proposed Route, but over the course of 16 days (From July 13th through July 28th, 2009) they crossed the Island under their own power, a feat never before accomplished by their route.

The following SPOT Map provides an overview of the final route, including photos. For a more complete telling of the journey, view the Trip Report (under construction).

While the Trip Report is being constructed, you can view a complete photo album of the trip on Webshots, or view the entire SPOT Adventures Trek online.

The Journey of the Spirit Bear is proud to have the support of its sponsors. All the journey's sponsors can be found in the Gear Section:

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