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The Spirit Bear Team

So who are these guys? A little bit about the Spirit Bear sojourners...

Mike MacFerrin has been dreaming of a major trek on Princess Royal Island for years. He's spent his adult life exploring the most remote rainforests of the Pacific Northwest and Southeast Alaska, with a focus on exploration and preservation. Years spent losing skin in the thickets of temperate rainforests has given him a tremendous respect and fascination for the most magnificent and remote forests in the world. Mike is a former school teacher and wrestling coach, these days spending much of his time working on a Ph.D. with a wife and two young children at home.

Karl Schmitt got his start backpacking at age 9 with his father in the North Carolina mountains. At age 18 he thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail at 2168 miles in 205 days. Since then his explorations have taken him further, from cross-country expeditions to mountaineering treks up many of the Northwest's classic volcanoes. His ventures have taken him from Tijuana to Nova Scotia, Key West to British Columbia, and many points in-between. At home Karl is self employed in a third-generation family business specializing in the restoration of historic properties.

Since Cory Lindsay was a young child, his father took him exploring far from trails in the woods surrounding his hometown of Ottawa, ON. Since his teenage years he has undertaken extended summer and deep winter treks throughout the Canadian backwoods, looking for those "little sanctuaries where I can sit and read a book or watch the wildlife." He has never stopped. This journey is a bit of a redemption for Cory, who planned a previous trek to Princess Royal that was later canceled due to job considerations.

There are many others to thank for their support in making this trip possible. We cannot possibly list them all. But to those closest friends and family who've given their untiring support for such (often mildly insane) ventures, the Spirit Bear Team would like to officially say "thank you." Without your love & guidance, none of this would happen.

The Journey of the Spirit Bear is proud to have the support of its sponsors. All the journey's sponsors can be found in the Gear Section:

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