Baranof Island Solo Expedition, 2010

A lot of effort has been taken this trip to carry a lightweight load while sustaining myself in the rainforest for multiple weeks.

*Sigh* As usual, it seems I ran out of time before leaving to fully flesh out the "gear" page. I was taking photos, weighing everything on a kitchen scale, gonna post a whole table on here of every last item I was taking, with considerations and reasonsing behind it. But trip-planning details caught up with me again, so I take off this summer with yet another unfinished "Gear" page. C'est la vie (such is life), it goes on.

However, I did start a tally of gear in an Excel Spreadsheet. If you're interested in seeing an incomplete list of some the gear I'm carrying on various segments of the trip, feel free to download it for yourself:

Mike's Incomplete Gear List

Perhaps when I return I'll flesh out a complete list of what I took, how it all worked, and what's I learned from the whole approach this year. Maybe. Until then, happy trekking, and I'll see y'all on the other side.

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